10 Hot and Sexy Nude Female Athletes

You may be wondering if women who are best in their chosen sport have the guts to bare it all. Well, think no more for we’ve got the list of hottest and sexiest nude female athletes that will make you want them even more. If you think that these women are sexy in their sports gear, see how hot they are in front of the camera wearing their birthday dress. See them in the most daring shots you never imagined.

1. Diana Taurasi – Basketball

 Diana Taurasi

She is 2009 WNBA Most Valuable Player and was first known for her dominance in the game back at the University of Connecticut. The nude photo of Diana was more of a surprise to people who has known her to be the conservative type.

2.      Gretchen Bleiler – Snowboarder

Gretchen Bleiler

Bleiler has a fantastic record of being a four-time X Games gold medalist and a silver medalist in the Winter Games in Torino in the year 2006. She said that the shoot for “Body Issue” is different from the FHM shoot that she did several years ago.

3.      Hope Solo – Soccer

 Hope Solo

Hope Solo is from the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. Her first appearance in a nude photo was taken while she was watering her lawn. She told ESPN, who covered the shoot, that she was insecure about her build because men would usually notice the muscles that she has. Seeing this photo, we can say that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

4.      Jeanette Lee – Pool Player

 Jeanette Lee

One of the sexiest nude female athletes is Jeanette Lee who is known as the “Black Widow” in the game of pool. What made this photo even cooler is the black veil that was placed over her eyes.

5.      Julia Manusco – Alpine Skiing

 Julia Manusco

Manusco doesn’t appear to be comfortable with her nude pose but this 29-year-old gal is a gold Olympic medalist. She looks hot with her tanned skin tone.

6.      Alicia Sacramone – Gymnastics

 Alicia Sacramone

Sacramone is a small-statured athlete but definitely has a big thing when it comes to gymnastics. She was hailed as a gold medalist in the 2010 World Championships and is part of the U.S. team who won Silver at the Summer Olympics held in Beijing in the year 2008.

7.      Lolo Jones – Track and Field

 Lolo Jones

Jones is known as America’s top female hurdler that holds a record of 60-meter hurdles. This beautiful and sexy athlete is a mix of four different ancestries namely French, Native American, African American and Norwegian.

8.     Serena Williams – Tennis

 Serena Williams

Everyone knows who Serena Williams is. She is currently the world’s number one woman tennis player who gained a lot of controversy the first time she posed nude for ESPN’s “Body Issue”. She once said that she is not a fan of working out but looking at her body, you will really appreciate those well-formed biceps, as well as, her well-sculpted legs.

9.      Stephanie Gilmore – Surfer

 Stephanie Gilmore

Beautiful Gilmore is a four-time world champion in the field of surfing. She said that posing naked had been a liberating experience for her. It buffed away her insecurities as well, from being labelled as being “a tan, fit and beach girl on a bikini” which is often associated with her kind of sport.

10.   Natashia Kai – Soccer

 Natashia Kai

Kai, is currently the forward player of Philadelphia Independence in the world of Women’s Professional Soccer. This hot gal showcased to ESPN the skin art that she had all over her body.

These fabulous nude female athletes showed us that they are more than just performance level. They also got the body to flaunt and be proud of. Their years of professionalism in their chosen sports can be seen  with the way how time sculpted their curves and muscles.

Did we miss out your favorite sexy nude female athletes on our list? We would love to hear from you.